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Hello there! I'm Cierra, a 25-year-old dog lover, rescuer, and activist in Los Angeles. I'm originally from Orange County where I first started on Rover in 2013. I would love to come to your home and take care of your fur babies while you enjoy a vacation. I have been a professional pet sitter for about 8 years but have had dogs, cats, and rodents my entire life. I worked in a kennel for rescue dogs for almost 2 years while volunteering with multiple rescues. I currently volunteer with Angel City Pit Bulls and Mutts in Need while doing networking with other rescues.

I grew up with dogs and cats my entire life and they bring me such joy. Most of my life revolves around dog rescue and animal rights. My love for animals and professional experience working with dogs combined make me a great pet sitter and one you will keep coming back to.

Why I love Pet Sitting

I have loved all animals my entire life, especially dogs. They deserve the best care. I've had dogs my entire life and have never gone at all without owning one. Dogs are my world, my hope. I want to live in a world where there are no more dogs in shelters and no stray dogs. If we meet, just ask me about my plans for the future with dogs and I can go on for hours.

My Experience With Medication

I have plenty of both personal and professional experience in administering medication. This includes oral medication such as a pill or liquid and injections such as insulin or allergy shots.

My Experience With "Special Needs" Pets

Due to my experience in rescue on top of my years as a pet sitter, I often specialize in working with pets that need a little extra attention or caution. This may include disabled/sick pets, those who are reactive on walks, shy pets who need some extra time warming up to people, etc. My knowledge about body language in pets sets me apart.  

Why I'm YOUR Pet Sitter

I follow all instructions to the T and beyond. I treat these pets as if they are my own giving them the love they want while respecting their boundaries. For example, if your cat is not interested in attention during a drop-in, I do not force them to get attention and let them approach me when they want.


I follow your pet's routine as closely as possible including the times they are walked, fed, given medication, etc. I want all pets in my care to be comfortable and not have their routine jolted when they already have a stranger staying with them. During bookings in your home, your dogs and I will have fun playing fetch, tug of war and whatever fun game they like to play! I stick to their usual neighborhood walks or if their walk route varies, I follow where they want to go! If there's a park nearby, we can take a stroll around there.

When watching cats, I gauge how they are feeling with me as I know that can widely vary between cats. For playful cats, I love getting their energy out with their toys and giving them plenty of attention. For cats who prefer to be left alone, I respect that but make sure to allow them to be able to come up and approach me when they are comfortable.

By the end of a booking, I'm your pet's new BFF! I act as if how I would want a pet sitter to act for my own pets. This means updates, photos and ensuring everyone is comfortable throughout the booking.

What I Need From You

I have no breed preferences. But before I accept a job, I need to be informed about special needs, amount of walks per day/length between walks, how long they can be alone for at a given time, and any other relevant information pertaining to your pup. I am willing to work with any special situation you or your pup may be in.

My experience allows me to provide the best care for your pets and keep them safe. It's important for me to know everything about your pets and their personalities, quirks, etc. as that allows me to be able to better predict what they might do at a given time. This way, I can ensure their safety. This includes possibly avoiding other dogs in elevators, keeping them away from strangers, take extra precautions when opening doors, etc. Safety is a #1 priority for everyone including my self, your pets and others.

I live in West LA in the Sawtelle area and can house sit/visit your dog anywhere within 5 miles (actual distance, not "as the crow flys"). Any services over 5 miles up to 10 miles max have an additional $5 fee per drop in or walk and $10/night for housesitting.

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